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Perfectly in tune with each other…

…and your guests will be thrilled.
As a duo act is one of our most popular.

St. Patrick's Day 2015

Private function Entertainer Hire

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The Best Performing Oktoberfest Band in Australia
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Urangan Bowls Club Oktoberfest 22nd September 2018


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This classic trio often has the top bookings…
…and allows three great performers to turn any event
into a fabulous musical extravaganza.

Too many cooks...
…can spoil the broth and for a small audience,
this is all you need a good Accordionist.

Perfectly in tune with each other…

…and your guests will be thrilled.
As a duo act is one of our most popular.

Australia Day at Home plus more from
Austria Germany Swiss etc.

Leo Karnauchow and Malcolm Turnbull at
Bondi Winter Festival 2010

It’s not rocket science: if the music’s good, the tent/club/pub will be packed...

 ...and everyone’s happy - the customers, the waitresses and waiters and - of course - the host or caterer. We also bring the famous Oktoberfest spirit to much smaller gatherings, Tavern, Village Hall,
Outback Hotel where the atmosphere will be just as terrific.

It takes the right live music to make your River Cruse a real thrill...
...because only music can unite a river cruse group or wedding guests in cheerful participants-
and it's the right music and fun that will let your River Cruse or Wedding become an unforgettable experience for everybody.

It takes the right live music for Ethnic Groups to perform at its best...
... keep your scratchy performance CD/Tapes at home. We play live traditional music in Russian, Polish, Hungarian, Croatian, Italian, Irish, Scottish, Philippine Bamboo and Candle Dance plus many others.

It takes the right music for any fundraiser...

...because only music can unite cheerful guests at fundraising to participate to our carefully
selected Vena waltzes & international classical music, barn and old-time dances, polkas and
traditional dances with the Bands own floorshows and fun that will become an unforgettable experience for everybody.
Of course - the host, waiters and caters are happy with the funds rased to enable a good cause.

How can be Christmas & New Years parties without real live musical spirit...
...absolutely no comparison from the old ordinary to have a German Band to play silent night to
make your small or big audience, club, or Senior villages something really special.

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We are the most loved Original Bavarian Music Show Band from Queensland with Slap dancing and Audience participation.

The Original German Speaking Oktoberfest Band from Queensland Australia.

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Who we are:
Located in Bundaberg Queensland, the Band was established in 1996 so that we could entertain as a Original German speaking Oktoberfest band. We're all, Leo Karnauchow (Accordion and/Tuba) Rita Williams (Keyboard, Vocals) and Fritz the Drummer are dedicated in bringing you best traditional music, good fun, and Gemütlichkeit to any festivity.

The band plays mainly in the styles of Ernst Mosch, Slavko Avsnik, Egerland, Slovenian, Bohemia, Bavaria, and from Tirol, with an authentic sound of the best known German and Austrian Blasmusik bands. These are the bands that play regularly at various German Oktoberfests -- and the EuroBand plays the same loved tunes: rolling beer-drinking songs, traditional melodies, our own original compositions and lively polkas and waltzes. Oh yes we play Australian versions too which may surprise you of Leo's predominant tuba sound..! 

This is the type of music that gets you to clap your hands, sing along, and dance to the traditional folk tunes usually presented at German festivals -- Music that lifts the soul and defines Gemütlichkeit!

Pretend you're back in 1810, in a Bierstube or small pub, in a village surrounded by the Tyrolean Alps. Listen to your favorite beer hall tunes, dance to the Alpine folksongs, relax, clap your hands and sing along, but most of all, enjoy!

With authentic German and Austrian tunes, the band will entertain for a festival to remember.  They will provide the true Oktoberfest spirit.  You'll clap your hands and stomp you feet to the popular dance numbers.  So what you waiting for.. Talk to us.. | HERE |


Past Videos

 Lighthouse Hotel Oktoberfest 2010
Video: Globe Hotel Oktoberfest 2010
Video: Hervey Bay Boat Club Oktoberfest 10-10-2010  
Video: Oktoberfest Band's kick off..
Video: Oktoberfest Boat Club Hervey Bay 2009
Video: Oktoberfest Best Dancers

Video:  Irish Medley 2013 (St Patrick's Day)

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